Apart from my personal political views and opinions, I also want to help you get access to the latest news, updates, and information about politics in the United Kingdom and in the whole world. I make sure that all the information that you will see in this blog are validated from the most trusted sources:



Telegraph offers you the news and the breaking stories on UK politics. It also provides updates, comments, expert analysis and criticisms of government policies, laws, and bills.


BBC News

BBC News is one of the most trusted news websites that bring you the breaking news, comments and analysis of UK, EU and world politics. They also offer political guides and in-depth special reports.

The Independent

The Independent also brings you the latest about UK Politics. Apart from politics, you can also find here relevant information about science, technology, world and so much more.


The Guardian

The Guardian is the “world’s leading liberal voice” that provides the latest political news, comments, and analysis. They also discuss the world, science, global development, sports, arts, and life, among others.



Apart from UK political news, comments, and analysis, Express also offers information and updates about finance, travel, entertainment, world news, weather, science, history and other topics.


Huffington Post

Huffington Post provides the latest news and updates about UK Politics. They also offer the hottest political debates in Parliament. They also have a community where people can share their thoughts and opinions.